Devuvuzelator filters the bothersome vuvuzela sounds created by the fans during the match broadcasts. Download Duvuvuzelator free on your computer

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They look like a modern invention, but those trumpets used by the followers of different sports events to inspire their teams have existed nearly since the beginning of mankind. But, without any doubt, it has been during the South Africa World Cup 2010 that we have been affected most by the horrendous sound of the vuvuzelas.

  This word is on the tip of nearly everybody's tongue, be them followers or not to the World Cup, means nothing else than “make noise” in Zulu. And what a noise they produce.

  Devuvuzelator will put a stop to the horrible sound of the vuvuzelas while you enjoy the World Cup matches on your computer by means of streaming. To do so, it applies a frequency filter that only affects the sound produced by the vuvuzelas.

  Using the Devuvuzelator is really simple, all you have to do is launch the application. At that moment, it will start to carry out its function.

  If you really like football (or don't), but you are fed up with the persistent sound of the vuvuzelas, don't wait a minute longer to download Devuvuzelator, the ideal solution!
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