Dexpot organizes your desktop into multiple virtual screens. Download Dexpot free and increase the space available on your desktop to work more comfortably

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Dexpot is an operating system improvement that makes it easier to manage various virtual desktops on your screen. In fact, there are up to 20 different spaces with which you will be able to works thanks to this utility.

There are many applications created with this same purpose: to provide various separate working spaces, like DeskHedron, Desktops or DeskSpace. But Dexpot stands out due to its perfect integration with Windows 7 and its usability.

Management software for virtual desktops

Thus, thanks to Dexpot, you will be able to organize the applications and files that you are using simultaneously on various virtual desktops, as if you had various screens connected to the computer, with the added advantages that it is to have all of them in one: the lower cost and the space you can save.

Among the functions that Dexpot includes you will have the possibility to use customizable desktop shortcuts to change from one workspace to another, to quickly preview each of the virtual desktops, add rules when it comes to opening application windows, configure the customization of each of the desktops,...

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application is free for personal use only.
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