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DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner is an application that improves the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet whilst also protecting your privacy

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If your Android smartphone or tablet doesn't work as fast as it should, that might be because you need to optimize your operating system. You have to take into account that just like what happens on macOS or a PC, whether Linux or Windows, its daily use makes it become sluggish due to the large amount of junk that gradually builds up, such as temporary files, system register entries, downloads that take up loads of storage space...

Speeding up Android is very simple.

To solve these problems there are several applications out there of the likes of CCleaner or Clean Master, maybe the most known apps of this nature to clean and optimize Android. But there's life beyond these two tools, there are alternatives that are equally are as reliable and efficient, but less popular. Among the latter, we can point out DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner, a tool that also includes tools and functions to protect our privacy.

How to optimize Android?

DFNDR intends to answer this question in a very simple manner. It comes along with an interface with four basic functions that you'll be able to execute with a simple click, so you won't need any advanced computer science knowledge or have to root your Android device to make use of this application. Here are its main functions:

  • Cool down the CPU.
  • Quick cleaning.
  • WhatsApp cleaning.
  • Speed up your browsing experience.

Protect the privacy of your data

At present, one of the main concerns of any Android user is protecting his privacy. DFNDR comes along with functions aimed at this aspect, therefore, it's also a solution to protect ourselves against cyber attacks, frauds and data thefts. For such purpose, it offers us the following tools:

  • Built-in antivirus.
  • Security vault to protect the access to certain areas of the device by means of a password, such as folders or applications.
  • Secret gallery to store your multimedia files such as photos and videos.
  • Find out who wants to access your phone unauthorizedly by taking a photo with your front camera.
  • Security scanning of your phone that warns you about possible weaknesses.
  • Review the security of your wireless connection.
  • Antiphishing protection.
  • Anti-theft protection with automatic location and deletion of personal details.

An all-in-one tool for your Android device to extend its useful life and protect your personal information.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The version of the application, as well as the size and version of the operating system, depend on the device on which it's installed.

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