Dialer Control

Dialer Control is a program to locate and detect the dangerous dialer applications that can affect a computer. Download Dialer Control and protect yourself

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One of the worst threats that we face when we browse the Internet is to be the victim of a dialer. Thanks to Dialer Control you can browse the Internet in a safer manner avoiding the danger of these dialers.

  Dialers are a sort of malware that calls through the computer's modem to a premium rate telephone number, thus causing that we receive a very unpleasant surprise when we get our telephone bill at the end of the month.

  Dialer Control is a free tool that will detect any suspicious connection that maybe being caused by a dialer and will offers us the possibility to be able to stop it, as well as adding it to a list of blocked connections.

  To make the program work it is only necessary to configure what kind of notification that we want to receive if it detects any threat, as well as a keyboard shortcut to quickly access the program's main menu.

  If you want to avoid all kinds of unpleasant surprises due to a dialer, download and install Dialer Control on your computer for free.
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Antony Peel
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