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Thanks to the Dice webapp you can gain access to over 80,000 employment offers and find a job in the technological sector straight from your browser

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If you've always dreamt about working in Silicon Valley for giants of the tech sector like Google, Microsoft or Apple, that moment is much closer thanks to the job search webapp Dice, specifically at the North American technological sector.

With over 80,000 job vacancies posted every day, it's one of the most popular tools to find a job on the Internet, ideal for engineers who want to start their career in America or analysts, app developers or coders that have recently become unemployed.

The job search engine for computer scientists and engineers

By means of a simple search, you'll be able to find offers adapted to your profile. Furthermore, the site also allows us to carry out advanced searches to specify different keywords that have to appear in the offer, the exact location of the job and other preferences, such as the category of the job offered, how long ago it was posted or the possibility to telecommute.

If you can't get a job it's because you don't really want one.

You can also filter the search results by type of job (part or full time), distance to the office, name of the position, name of the company or town of the headquarters.

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