Diffuse is an application designed to be able to compare two or more text to find the differences. Download Diffuse to find all the changes on your page

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In our day to day work it can happen that we end up with two or more documents that are nearly identical, specially if we use various mediums to store our information. The big problem can arise when we can't really tell which is the latest that has been modified. This can be solved with Diffuse.

What does it do?

Diffuse take two or more text files and it compares their contents to show the user which changes have been performed, this it the quickest way to be able to find and perform changes in on various documents at the same time, specially when they are very similar.

What else can it be used for?

As well as comparing document from general texts, it can also be used by programmers to find code lines that have been modified or when a new line with code has been input into a page.

Another feature that can come in very handy to the programmers is the possibility to highlight the syntax, something that is very helpful when programming.

Therefore, if you need to find the changes performed on a document very quickly, download Diffuse.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
Derrick Moser, Henri Menke
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