DIGIMON ReArise Android


The popular Japanese anime series from the 90s lands on Android with DIGIMON ReArise, a battle and role-playing game from Bandai Namco Entertainment

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The Digimon franchise has been battling away for more than 20 years and still has a lot to offer, such as the game we have before us. After releasing games for several video consoles, at last, it is Android's turn. On this occasion, one fine day a Digimon stranger, who looks like a hedgehog and goes by the name of Herissmon, turns up on your smartphone (rather, on that of your character). Before you can even react, a mysterious force begins to attack. Will you be able to stop it with the help of your little digital monster?

Create a customized Difimon team and demonstate the strength of your friendship in real-time battles featuring up to 5v5!

Form a bond with your Digimon

We already know how these kinds of games work, where really cool animations are blended with elements of RPG and combat games. However, to give it a more original touch, one of the principal tasks that you will have to carry out here is to forge a close friendship with your Digimon. You can play and hang out together so that it gets stronger and stronger and can digievolve. And if you really love each other, your monster might even megadigievolve and take out all your dark enemies.

You can also work with other trainers (originally called tamers), in order to reach common goals and also put together the best team for participating in real-time battles of up to five against five players.

Meanwhile, DIGIMON ReArise features illustrations and designs by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, one of the most original character designers in the anime series. If you like Digimon, you will definitely enjoy this game, if only to see beloved old acquaintances again, like cute Agumon.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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