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DinoScape is a retro pixelated platform game where we will have to overcome obstacles in different impossible scenarios seated on the back of a dinosaur

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Everyone knows, except creationists, that humans and dinosaurs did not coexist except in Jurassic Park and in A Million Years Ago, the movie with Raquel Welch on the poster that appears in Life Sentence. Well, now we know that in DinoScape they were also contemporaries and also humans domesticated the largest animals that have ever walked the face of the Earth.

A great retro 2D platformer

What we have here is a game as retro as the dinosaurs, which we might as well have played on an Atari 8-bit game console or something like that (the dinosaurs of the video game), in a 2D horizontal platformer format. We will control a troglodyte who, on the back of one of these critters, has to jump from platform to platform avoiding obstacles and without resting on his laurels, because time is short: a reddish mass is chasing us and if it catches us, it will kill us.

This game will appeal to any fan of platform games, especially those that are more difficult, such as Flappy Bird and others that can be a little desperate in terms of difficulty. But all in all, this is a good and entertaining game, easy to play (not so easy to master, as we have already said) and quite enjoyable.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
3 months ago
48 MB

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