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Directory Hog is one of the most simple ways to discover which files and folders are filling up your hard drives. Download Directory Hog to your PC for free

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As time goes by it is rather common for the hard drives of a computer to start filling up with all sorts of contents. As a consequence of the latter, we may lose control and knowledge of where certain really big files are stored, that in the long run can mean a problem, because despite the increase in the size of the hard drives in the last few years they normally end up being full, something that can be solved by using Directory Hog.

Find the files that are hogging your hard drive space

The use and the idea behind Directory Hog is very simple, to scan the whole hard drive in search of the files that occupy most space. The options offered by Directory Hog are basically two, to scan a full hard drive or to scan a specific folder, including all of its subfolders.

Once it has finished searching, Directory Hog offers a list with the name of the folder, name of the file and the size of the file, so that the user can eliminate those that really aren't necessary and are occupying a lot of space.

As additional options, Directory Hog allows you to specify a minimum size for the folders under which it will ignore them, and the selection of specific folders and files that will be ignored by the program when it scans a hard drive.

Therefore, if you want to find out the files that are occupying most space on your hard drive, you only have to download Directory Hog.

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