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Remove outdated files from your system with Disk Cleaner. Get rid of all those files that are of no use to gain free space, download Disk Cleaner for free

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Disk Cleaner is one of those utilities that, despite having a rather ugly interface, can become an essential tool for our system, because it deletes outdated files, thus allowing us to gain free space in a quick and efficient manner.

  The program has a very simple interface because with only four buttons we'll have the opportunity to control all the application's functions and access the options, from where it will be possible to configure the folders and files that can be deleted by this tool.

  The main objective of Disk Cleaner is to deal with the temporary files, the cookies, the recent documents, as well as other files that have no real use and, due to this, are unnecessary on our system. One of the most appealing features of this program is the possibility to expand its features by means of plug-ins, that are simple plain text files.

  If you want to have a tool on your PC with which you can quickly delete surplus files, download and install Disk Cleaner.
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