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Order all your files after you download Disk Sorter free. With Disk Sorter you will be able to know at all times what type of files you have on your PC

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As time goes by the amount of files that you have stored on your computer increases, and if they aren't properly ordered it is possible that you won't be able to to locate what you are looking for or that you will have multiple copies of the same file. To avoid this you can install Disk Sorter.

  Disk Sorter is a tool that allows to know at all times the amount of space that each type of file occupies on the hard drive (dividing the files into categories), be it a drive that is directly connected to the computer or a online storage space.

  As well as by categories, the application also allows to see in a very clear way what files are small, medium and large thanks to pie or bar graphics. Another possibility offered by the program is to see when a file was last modified.

  On the other hand, the program allows to export all the data obtained by the program directly to an SQL database, as well as creating backup copies of all the data that you want.

  Download Disk Sorter free and order all your files.
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