DiskBoss is a small application that allows you to analyze and optimize the use of your hard drive. Improve how you use your hard drive with DiskBoss

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As it's used, the hard drive of a computer starts filling up with all kinds of files, whether system information, documents, images, music, programs and games. And to be able to avoid this data not being controlled at all, it's necessary to use an application like DiskBoss.

What does it allow us to do?

With DiskBoss the user will be able to avoid the unnecessary loss of space and optimize how the computer's hard drive work thanks to:

  • The analysis of how the hard drive's space is used.
  • The detection and removal of duplicated files.
  • Classification of the different kinds of files into categories.

Another option offered by DiskBoss is the possibility to synchronize the files between various hard drives, so that they are always identical.

Furthermore, DiskBoss allows us to monitor the computer's hard drives in real time, organize the files thanks to the use of rules or its integration with an SQL database.

Therefore, if you want to optimize how the computer's hard drives work, you only have to download DiskBoss.

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