Download DiskDigger and you will be able to recover files after an accidental deletion. DiskDigger analyzes your disc and rescues files eliminated by error


Recover files that you thought you had lost

September 8, 2021
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DiskDigger is a tool that can help to solve incidents like, for example, the accidental deletion of some of the files contained on your hard drive or on a USB flash memory.

A distraction can make us lose important files like photos or work documents. But, if you act fast enough you can save part or all of this information by using the proper application, like DiskDigger.

This program is presented as a practical portable program that can be taken anywhere. Once launched, the application will show a list with the drives and devices that it detects, and it will be possible to start scanning, which depending on the status and capacity of your storage devices, can take quite a few minutes.

How to recover lost files

Just like a miner digs in the mine to obtain his prized metal or precious stones, DiskDigger has two methods to deeply analyze your disks and extract the eliminated data:

  • Normal digging: searches for eliminated files.
  • Intense digging: even tries to recover file remains.

Thanks to DiskDigger, you'll be able to recover those files that you thought you had lost forever.

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