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DivX Player will allow you to play files in DivX format or H.264. Download DivX Player and enjoy the videos encoded in this popular format on your PC

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The launch of DivX at the end of the 90's meant the same revolution for the world of Internet as the one caused by MP3 a few years before, because the possibility of compressing a film to about 600 MB without an incredible loss of quality had become a reality. From that moment onwards, the possibility of sharing our video collection became nearly as easy as it had been to share our music collection.

Play videos using the DivX codec

DivX Player is the application developed by the same team that developed this codec, especially designed to playback files compressed using DivX, even though it's also capable of playing many other formats. One of the best features of this player is that it's compatible with all versions of DivX that have appeared up until now, as well as being able to play high definition H.264 (.mvk) format files with AAC audio without hardly losing any quality.

DivX has also adapted to modern times, so if you want to enjoy the best DivX format videos, you'll have to download this player.

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