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DivX is a popular video codec that Linux users can now also enjoy. Play all your video files, all you have to do is download DivX to your computer now

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The developers of DivX, once they finished their work on the versions for other platforms, have placed their focus on developing the latest version of their software for Linux.

  DivX is a popular video codec that you will now be able to find available for the penguin's platform. This version includes certain important innovations that will manage to satisfy even the most demanding user.

  They have optimized the decoding process to make it a lot quicker, they have added new quicker codification methods that offer a better performance, support to be able to play MPEG-4 files, optimized the distortion rate and they have improved the program's compression speed, managing to improve the quality of the images that it offers at the same time.

  Enjoy your videos with the guarantees offered by one of the best video codecs that exists. You can now download DivX codecs for free!
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