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Dmailer Backup is a tool that will allow you to create backup copies, both locally or online. Dmailer Backup will maintain all your documents secure

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Dmailer Backup is an application with which you will be able to create backup copies in two different ways: locally, on a physical drive, or online, with a storage capacity of up to 2 GB free of charge. If you want all your documents, photographs, and any other material stored on your computer to be duplicated somewhere for safekeeping, try Dmailer Backup.

  This program has to be installed on an external storage device, be it an external hard drive or a USB pendrive. Dmailer Backup is very easy-to-use, and you will only have to follow the steps that it indicates. When you create a new backup copy you will have to indicate a name, and if you want the copy to take place automatically o customized. In this last option you have to indicate the folders and the documents that you want to copy. Once you have everything prepared, Dmailer Backup will offer the option to create an online backup copy. After that, the application will create the copy.

  Dmailer Backup offers the possibility to automatically update the backup copy each time one of the backedup files if modified. If you ever have any problems with your computer, you will only have to go to the restore option, and recover all the information.

  That is how simple it is to create backup copies with Dmailer Backup.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have a ZIP compatible compressor. Must be installed on an external storage unit. It is necessary to fill in a free registration to use the online storage.
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