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DMWhatsApp is a MOD for WhatsApp that comes with a dark theme and whose principal virtues are focused on offering better privacy management for users

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WhatsApp Messenger, the most widely-used chat and messaging application in the world, has many MODs which have been developed based on the official app. Many of them are mainly aimed at modifying and improving esthetic aspects: text font, design lines, themes... and are downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users. However there are other developers who prefer to focus their work on more serious matters.

A WhatsApp MOD focused on privacy

DMWhatsApp does indeed offer a dark design theme that is softer on the eye than that of the original app (which is not actually not that bad). But here there are dark lines and panels, which we can add to the dark mode offered on the app.

However, the big advantage is to be found in the main menu's privacy settings. This is where users will be able to control anything related to privacy, how and in which way messages and status is shared, who can see if you are online or not or disable message checks. These options don't actually affect the management of messages sent by WhatsApp Inc., but rather just those that are shared with other contacts.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Sam Ansari
3 months ago
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