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Download Doggiebox, a percussion sequencer for Mac. It includes various kits which are ready to prepare your own rhythms and grooves. Get ahold of Doggiebox

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Doggiebox is an drums and percussion instrument sequencer for Mac create with the idea of making it as easy as possible to use, no matter if you are an expert composer or an amateur artist looking for the groove for your rhythms.

Doggiebox offers flexibility and precision to create your own rhythms in minutes.


  • Create percussion beats with no length limit and great complexity, even including tempo and beat changes and combining different kits.
  • Use your keyboard and mouse or any MIDI controller to generate your creations.
  • Easily work with the structure by reordering its components.
  • Export the result of your work in an audio file or play it directly by means of a MIDI device or application.
  • Develop your own drum kits for your sound.

A percussion expert

Doggiebox is perfect for music genres where the drum elements play an important role, even though you will have the possibility to use its features for any other genre. If you have any knowledge of music theory, you will enjoy the ergonomics of this software when it comes to creating rhythmic sequences using the tempo and the beat.

Download Doggiebox and create your drum and percussion tracks with this perfect tool.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above.
  • The trial version doesn't allow the possibility to create beats that are longer than 30 seconds and it applies a voice mark to the exported files.

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