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Dolce Music Flash Cards is a very interesting way to revise all the elements of sol-fa. If you study music you should download Dolce Music Flash Cards

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Sol-fa and music notation are the essential elements that have to be studied if you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, and to be able to learn how the read music notation in a practical and fun way there is nothing better than Dolce Music Flash Cards.

Interpret music notation graphics.

The idea behind Dolce Music Flash Cards, as its name indicates, is to use flash cards so that sol-fa students can associate the symbols with their corresponding name, something that allows to learn music notation in an entertaining and associative way.

The system used by Dolce Music Flash Cards is relatively simple, because it shows an image and it offers the user four possible answers from which to choose. If the question is answered correctly it moves on to the following question and if the answer is mistaken it shows the correct name for the symbol.

Once the series of question have been answered Dolce Music Flash Cards presents a final summary with the percentage of correct answers and the things that the user has to revise because they have been answered incorrectly.

Download Dolce Music Flash Cards to increase your knowledge of music notation in fun fashion.

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