DomainHostingView is an application capable of analyzing and providing all the data that is relevant to a specific domain. Download DomainHostingView free

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Obtain complete information about domains with the help of DomainHostingView. This lightweight application has been created by NirSoft and allows us to analyze in depth by multiple parameters about a specific domain.

DomainHostingView uses a series of DNS and WHOIS checks to analyze each domain and compile information. When the analysis ends the program is capable of reporting the results in HTML format, in such a way that you can check it with any web browser. The application is Unicode, thus you will be able to perfectly check any WHOIS register that contains characters that aren't written in English

Contents of the analysis

Among some of the information that it's capable of showing, you'll find the hosting company or the data center that has the server, the main serve and the domain name (DNS), creation, changes and the domain expiry, owners, registers...

Features of DomainHostingView

  • Includes support for IDN (International domain name).
  • Analyze the text returned by the WHOIS server and extract and show the most important data.
  • Information returned from the WHOIS server by means of HTTP links. Open the results in a web page on your browser.

Simplicity of use, immediate results

Under the menus and the taskbars you will have the text box where you can input the domains that you want to check. The dedicated button “Go” or the shortcut “F9” will serve you to start the analysis of the domain. A few seconds afterwards you will obtain all the data. You will be able to check them in the main window or save them in an HTML document.

When you need to know information about a domain name, download DomainHostingView for free, launch and inquire the information it shows in its analysis.

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