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With Doodlecast whatever you draw on your phone will appear on the TV screen, and the rest of players will have to try to guess what it you're drawing

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Among the many applications that Chromecast can be used for, leisure is definitely one of them. The fact is that playing on your TV whatever happens on your phone or tablet's screen offers us a wide range of possibilities, as proven by Doodlecast for Chromecast, which is very similar to the popular Pictionary.

Ideal to have a good time.

It's an application that offers a secret word to whoever is holding the mobile device, and that person has to draw the meaning of the word on the screen. The drawing will appear simultaneously on the TV screen, and the rest of users have to try to guess what it is, answering on their own phones.

How it works, step by step

  • Choose a word to draw from the list.
  • Draw it on your device while the image is viewed on the TV.
  • The rest of players, connected to their own phones, will use them to answer.

Download Doodlecast for Android and check out for yourself Chromecast's possibilities, that go beyond simply playing videos and photos.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
Marc Stogaitis & Mimi Sun
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