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DoorStop X is a firewall for Mac that will protect your computer from malicious software. Download DoorStop X and avoid that the malware infects your Mac

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The first barrier with which malicious software is detected when trying to attack a protected computer is the firewall. Thus, any malicious application that tries to sabotage our computer will be blocked by the firewall.

  DoorStop X is the best protection for your Mac. This firewall has a default configuration for unspecified services, protects all the TCP services, allows to block all the computers ports or open only those that the user selects, deny access to a black list of IP addresses, etc...

  The application offers four protection modes: "deny all", "allow all", "deny all by address", “allow by address”, that are easily configurable. What's more, it has an assistant that will help you to configure your Mac's services to obtain the best protection.

  If you would also like to understand the attacks your computer receive, now you can because DoorStop X includes a "Who's There? Firewall Advisor" utility.
Requirements and additional information:
This program works on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above. This is a trial version with limited use.
Open Door Networks, Inc
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