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Doro PDF Writer is a tool to generate PDF files. Download Doro PDF Writer for free and you will have a virtual printer to copy PDF files on your computer

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The best way to hand in homework, a project or any other document so that it can be printed afterwards is the PDF format. It's a kind of file, that is very easy to transport, where the presentation of the document won't vary no matter on what computer you open it.

Generate PDFs from any document

If you think that Adobe Writer is the only solution to create your own PDF files, you are wrong. Doro PDF Writer is a simple application that installs a virtual printer on your computer, from which you will easily be able to convert your text files to the well-known format developed by Adobe.

Doro PDF Writer transforms PostScript files as well as the documents created with all the text editors that are currently on the market (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Notepad,... ) to PDF format. To do so, all you have to do is use the "Print" options from your editor and select the "Doro PDF Writer" virtual printer.

As an additional option, this program offers the option to add 128-bit encryption to your documents, so that you can limit the access to the PDF files that you have created. If you wish so, it's possible to activate the "paste and copy" functions or only the print option.

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