DotBot is a new version of PacMan with updated graphics, and starred by a robot that each mechanical parts and flees from ghost robots. Downlod DotBot

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If there's a game that we can consider both simple and addictive, it has to be PacMan, this time round reincarnated as DotBot, a game based on the popular Pacman created by Namco in the 80's, with the same game play but with better graphics.

  Now, instead of swallowing pac-dots, DotBot has to eat screws and bolts, as well as other mechanical elements. The ghosts that have to follow the main character are ghost robots, and they can touch each other a limited amount of times before dying, which is really helpful.

  One of the most entertaining modes of DotBot is the multiplayer mode, by means of which four friends can play the more than 100 hundred levels available at the same time.

  Just like in the original game, the bonuses and other aids start appearing on the screen depending on the dots that you eat. The game, as well as being incredibly addictive, is really complicated as the ghosts are totally unpredictable.

  We can also play with our own music, using an M3U list, and upload our score to the Internet, trying to become the best player in the online Hall of Fame.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo version has certain limitations.
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