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DotBot is an entertaining game in which you will have to eat all the screws spread around the maze. Download DotBot and try this great version of Pac-Mac

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DotBot is an original version of the classic Pac-Man game that kept people entertained during so much time. The main character, DotBot, is a robot Pac-Man that has to each all the metal objects that are spread out in the different mazes. But he has to be careful, because the mazes are also patrolled by the dangerous BadBots that will kill him each time the reach him.

  With rather entertaining graphics, this version provides some innovations in comparison with the classic PacMan game. In DotBot it is possible to gain special bonuses like guns, glue, dynamite, bombs and extra speed. Thanks to this we will be able to shoot at the BadBots to save our life or glue them to the floor.

  DotBot also offers the possibility to play up to four players, competing to see who is the best, at the same time that it allows to use the bonus against our rivals.. Another possibility that it offers is to form a team so as to join forces to fight against the BadBots

  The graphics of DotBot are very entertaining and the new game modes will really appeal to all the people that played the classic Pac-Man game.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo version has some limitations.
EMV Software AS
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More than a year ago
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