Download DoubleSafety and you will be able to create backup copies. Maintain your file secure and avoid that they are lost, thanks to DoubleSafety

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Data loss is one of the most problematic things that you can encounter. To be able to make sure that you don't suffer this situation you can use DoubleSafety, a double safety precaution in the case of the loss of any kind of file.

  After you download DoubleSafety you will only have to start selecting the files that you want to store safely. Browse through the folders to locate them and afterwards choose the method: create a backup copies on the same hard drive, upload that copy to an FTP server or save it on an optical storage device.

  This safeguard system implies double protection. What's more, you will be able to encrypt the backup copy by means of the 128 or 256 bits AES system to make sure that you files can be penetrated. The result will be a new file in ZIP format with all your contents.

  You have the possibility to create the backup copy manually whenever you want or establish time guidelines so that they will be performed automatically, with which you can program the action and dedicate yourself to something else.

  Maintain your files secure and save them safely. Download DoubleSafety to create backup copies and avoid losing your files and your data.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to have a compressor compatible with ZIP to launch the file. The trial version can be used during 30 days.
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