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¿Qué haces cuando estás estudiando y te surge una duda? En la base de datos de la app Doubtnut encontrarás respuesta a todas tus preguntas académicas

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When it comes to studying, it is important to have resources to help us clear up our doubts. In this app we can find answers to our questions about the subjects of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Find instant solutions in video format and optimize your study time.

The study partner that solves your doubts instantly

Are you preparing for an advanced exam? Are you studying for a civil service position? Doubtnut is a learning tool that will answer our questions. It has four basic features:

  • Video solutions that will help us solve questions.
  • Contact with experts in the subjects.
  • Instant answers.
  • Thousands of videos to explore, study and learn.

In addition, this app provides us with a lot of resources. To search our doubt we can use the search engine or take a picture of our written question. The system will immediately show us the related answers.

The number 1 study application to find instant video solutions for all your math questions, physics questions, chemistry questions, biology questions.

We will also be able to see answers to NCERT (the National Council for Educational Research and Training in India) exercises, ask our questions in the chat and even on WhatsApp. But there's more, with quizzes and tests to test our knowledge, PDF documents and educational videos, as well as quizzes from previous years, study cards, study tips, and even a collection of stickers to use in our conversations.

If we have questions while studying, this app will help us find the answers we need. However, it is aimed at users in India and its official government exams, because we should take this into account before downloading the APK file.

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