DownTester performs a test to your Internet connection speed. If you think that the speed of your connection isn't correct, check it with DownTester

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Nowadays, practically everyone has an Internet connection with which to be able to communicate with their family and friends, download contents or work, but, do we know the exact connection speed? DownTester is a tool with which to dispel this doubt, because through a test it will check if the company will really offer us what has been negotiated or on the contrary the connection isn't as quick as it said on the contract.

  The test performed with DownTester is based on the download of a series of files over the Internet (it is always advisable to use files that are bigger than 5 Mb for this purpose). The application works in a way that is similar to the download managers and is capable of measuring the data transfer speed whether over HTTP or FTP.

  Once the download has taken place, the program will offer us a detailed report, being able to check in a simple look if our Internet provider is fulfilling the contract that we have signed. Don't let your telephone company fool you with your Internet connection speed thanks to DownTester!
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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Antony Peel
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