Increase your download speed by 400% by downloading DownThemAll for free, an add-on for Firefox. DownThemAll allows you to pause and resume downloads

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A download manager makes it much easier to get hold of files, providing us with many advantages. Users request these tools to increase their download speed or to be able to pause and resume the downloads whenever they want. DownThemAll is capable of all this and much more.

All that you have ever wanted in a download manager.

Multiply your download speed by four

DownThemAll is a download manager that increases the download speed by up to 400% and that allows users to pause and resume downloads. It works as an add-on for Firefox, therefore, it is very easy to install and use. It allows you to download both links and images from a web site: you can configure its functioning to only download those contents you're interested in.

Features of DownThemAll

  • Full integration with Firefox, even in the context menu.
  • Lists and filters all the contents you can download from a website.
  • Automatically renames files.
  • Manage the download queue to give priority to certain files.
  • Choose the number of simultaneous downloads.
  • Customise the notifications.

Multipart Download

The key of DownThemAll lies in its Multipart Download technique, a system that divides the files in parts that are downloaded simultaneously. Thus, we can make the most of the bandwidth and obtain faster downloads. You can choose how many parts you want to divide the files into, or add and remove parts at your freewill.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox 3.6 or above.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Mozilla Foundation
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