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Dream Daddy is a romance, love, and flirting adventure game for Android devices where our goal is to meet other dads and flirt with them to find love

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Dream Daddy is exactly what you are thinking: a romantic adventure game. In this game, you will be a mature divorced man who moves to the coastal town of Maple Bay with your daughter... and there, you will find love in another man. But you never know what awaits for you, you might meet a badass dad, a rude lumberjack, a biker in leather, or an interesting professor.

Unleash your most mature passion

The story starts when you go with your daughter to meet a childhood friend, and you have to follow the conversations to take the story one way or another. You can customize your character's look by creating one that you feel fully represented by, or perhaps, how you would like to look like.

This is a conversational adventure game where we will lead the course of the story according to the phrases we choose and where we take the conversations. There are many possible endings.

These are some of the highlights of the game:

  • Seven different dads to meet.
  • Different endings.
  • Create your own character.
  • Minigames.
  • Different environmental themes depending on the characters that show up.
Requirements and additional information:
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Manuel Sánchez
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