DriveHQ Batch PhotoEditor


If you're looking for an alternative to Photoshop that suits your needs better, try to edit and enhance your photos with DriveHQ Batch PhotoEditor

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When it comes to editing images, everyone thinks about really popular programs such as Photoshop or GIMP, but many times, the enhancement we need to carry out is so simple that turning to such complex tools is just a waste of time and space.

The ideal tool to correct photos and add simple effects.

With DriveHQ Batch PhotoEditor for Windows we'll have on our PC a very simple editor to be able to carry out any edit with just a simple click, add effects and apply filters, with the additional advantage of being able to work with batches of images, as you can imagine taking into account the program's name.

Functions available

  • Add watermarks to your pictures.
  • Mirror effect, flip, rotate, resize and crop images.
  • Give your photos more or less brightness, contrast and transparency.
  • Establish color thresholds.
  • Blur, contour, erosion and other effects.
  • Greyscale, gamma and negatives.
  • Possibility to upload photos to the Internet straight from the application.

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