Download DriverView free and you will be able to view all the drivers installed. DriverView will offer you plenty and detailed information of the drivers

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DriverView is a light application is capable of listing all the drivers installed on your operating system and it offers you a large amount of additional information that can come in very handy.

Detailed knowledge of the drivers

When you launch DriverView you will be able to view detailed data like the driver loading address, description of its tasks, version and name of the product or the company responsible of developing it, among many other things.


  • Show all the information about the drivers installed. Customize the data that is shown.
  • View all the properties of each file in a specialized window of the software or by means of the Windows property window.
  • Search for information about each driver via Google.
  • Search the list.
  • Generate HTML reports with the data of your choice.

Download DriverView free and maintain in depth tracking of all the controllers installed on your PC.

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