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In Driving Zone 2 for Android, you'll sit behind the wheel of a car to face up to different daily situations when driving around cities and on roads

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We're used to playing car games of the likes of Need for Speed, in which we have to compete to reach the finish line in the first position in illegal races and infringing as many traffic rules as possible. However, in Driving Zone 2 we'll find a driving simulation game in which we can decide to obey or disobey the driving laws as we wish... In fact, we're only going to have to race against the police when they try to catch us if we jump a sign or drive too fast.

Drive around obeying the laws... or not

We'll sit behind the wheel of a car and we'll be able to drive it around roads full of cars or on a racing track on which we can put out foot down on the accelerator to practice, with or without other cards. The rest is just as how you can imagine: driving around, paying attention to the lights and other signs, taking a look at the landscape... and escaping from the cops whenever necessary. And beware, your car can break down.

It offers us a wide range of cars that emulate real-life models of Volkswagen, Chevrolet, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes, amongst others, accessible as we earn points. We can also customize them in the garage to be able to drive vehicles that suit our tastes and fine-tune their mechanics.

Drive around roads with dense traffic or on desertic tracks.

To the latter, we have to add the different scenarios that are conditioned by the weather or the day or moonlight: city streets, desertic landscapes, snowy roads in winter...

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Antony Peel
Antony Peel
3 months ago
134 MB

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