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Download DRM Converter and remove the DRM protection from music files purchased on the Internet to be able to play them on any device of your choice

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The music industry has undergone serious changes ever since cassettes and LPs were first distributed until nowadays when music labels themselves are selling their own products and albums on the Internet through services of the likes of 7Digital, Spotify or iTunes.

Want to remove DRM protection?

When we purchase music from these sites, we're buying a series files that are locked by means of a system called DRM or Digital Rights Management which prevents those files from being treated like any other ones. In other words, we can't copy them or play them on any other device apart from the location to where they've been downloaded.

DRM Converter can help us out with these files as it removes the protection included in files purchased or downloaded from Napster, iTunes, Zune, MusicLoad, BuyMusic… Therefore, it allows us to enjoy these songs or videos on any portable player, including iPods. The application is compatible with formats of the likes of MP3, AAC, WAV and MP4.

You can transfer from one device to another all the songs you've purchased.

If you want a tool that helps you to remove the limitations imposed by the music industry on the songs and albums we can purchase on the Internet, don't hesitate to get hold of DRM Converter.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only exports the first three minutes of the videos and the first 30 seconds of the audio files.

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