Drone Shadow Strike Android


Drone Shadow Strike es un simulador de vuelo militar en el que controlaremos un moderno dron para neutralizar a nuestros enemigos en misiones secretas

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We have seen them in movies, on TV series like Homeland and also on the TV news. Drones are widely used in the military field for their ability to carry out tactical attacks minimizing the risks in terms of human losses for the attacker as well as for the wide possibilities it offers in terms of stealth and discretion.

Control a drone and kill your enemies

In Drone Shadow Strike you will feel like you are sitting in the military command center piloting one of these devices. Your mission will be to finish with all type of enemies in a massive or selective way, depending on the objectives of each mission. You will have to take charge of different secret missions and to be faster than your adversaries avoiding to complete them before being discovered. To do this you will have different types of weapons that will allow you to shoot people or finish with groups of them or armored vehicles.

This flight simulator combines elements of first-person shooter and strategy games and offers these features:

  • Fly in 8 different types of drones.
  • More than 30 missions distributed in 5 campaigns inspired by reality.
  • 4 different types of weapons and 25 ways to activate them.
  • Improve your drone as you complete missions.
  • Participate in online events.
  • Simple and intuitive touch controls.
  • Upgrade your military rank.
  • Face more than 280 achievements and unlock their 70 achievements.
Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Reliance Big Entertainment
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