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DTube is an online video service that uses blockchain technology. It's similar to YouTube and if you're a content creator you'll get paid in cryptocoins

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On the Internet, there are loads of different platforms to host and play videos that are a great alternative to traditional television entertainment. DTube is one of them, a service where users can upload their own videos and share them with the community, a kind of YouTube with one big difference: here, content creators get paid with the cryptocurrency of the network that DTube belongs to, Steemit.

The first crypto-decentralized video platform.

How DTube works

To be able to take part in the network, the first thing to do is to sign up as a user. Once you've been granted the permission necessary, you can upload your videos whilst you also watch those posted by other users. There's no kind of adverts and the platform is based on blockchain technology. The videos can also be watched without registering, no need to worry about that. However, you have to bear in mind that the technology behind this service is still under development, which basically means that the videos may take some time to load.

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Antony Peel
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