Dune 2 Online

Dune 2 Online is the web adaptation of one of the most important games in history that popularized real-time strategy. Now you can enjoy Dune 2 Online

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Dune 2 Online is the web adaptation of the great game Dune II, based on Frank Herbert's popular science fiction saga, that alongside Warcraft and Command & Conquer set the stage for real-time strategy games.

Harvest "spice" and increase your military power

Dune 2 Online is exactly the same as the original version which was published over twenty years ago. We get to choose from one of the three houses: Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. Our task will be none the other than to conquer the entire map, managing the harvesting of "melange" or "spice" as our income source on the one hand, and on the other, building military units with which we'll fight our enemies.


  • One of the first real time strategy games to use artificial intelligence.
  • Construction of bases and units depending on harvested resources.
  • Improve buildings and units depending on your installations.
  • Mobile units that unfold into buildings.
  • Exclusive weapons for each house.

One of the most important classics

After all these years since the original was launched, Dune 2 Online isn't going to show you anything new, as current games are light years beyond it. Having said this, it's still totally recommendable, as it's one of the games that made history by giving way to the development of all modern strategy games.

Whether you are curious or maybe just nostalgic about the old times, don't hesitate to play Dune 2 Online.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a browser with support for HTML5.
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