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Durable Copy is a tool that will allow you to continue an interrupted copy process. Download Durable Copy and copy damaged and unreadable files on your PC

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Durable Copy is a useful application that can manage to copy files that have unreadable sectors and can also copy files over an unstable connection. This tool can come in very handy if you have CDs or DVDs with data that have been damaged over time and that you can no longer open. Durable Copy will be able to make a copy of the files and rescue them.

  The basic features of Durable Copy are:

  - Automatically recover a copy process that has been interrupted temporarily.
- Can read the vast majority of the data from files with damaged sectors.
- Capable of joining identical files that were damaged in different places and creating a complete file in perfect conditions.

  Durable Copy is very easy to use and has several options of use. One of them is to let the program guide you through the copy and recovery process. First, you have to choose which action you have to carry out: copy damaged file data, damaged videos, replace corrupt sectors, or copy files from a remote computer over an unstable connection. Afterwards, you will be able to select the files that you want to copy and the location where you want to copy them. Durable Copy will do the rest.

  With Durable Copy you no longer have to consider that you have lost a file forever if you damage a CD.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version can be tried out for 30 days and you will only be able to copy up to a limit of 8 GB.
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