Locate and eliminate temporary files with Dustbin. Download Dustbin free and you will be able to free space on your hard drive and improve your system

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The amount of files that are left behind and forgotten during and after finishing an installation is enormous. These files can occupy a lot of space on the hard drive, as well as causing a Windows operating system to have stability and performance problems, that is why it is necessary to clean them with programs like Dustbin.

  On many occasions, when Windows freezes it isn't the operating systems fault, in general it is the temporary files that cause these problems and by simply launching Dustbin we will be able to find and eliminate these bothersome files.

  Once we have solved this problem, we will be able to notice how we have gained a lot of space on the hard drive and the general functioning of the application will improve thanks to the fact that it has to read a lot less data.

  This software doesn't have a graphic interface, nor does it need it. All the actions requires to use Dustbin can be performed from a Command Line Terminal.
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