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When you download DVD95 you will be able to convert DVD-9 to DVD-5. Thanks to DVD95 you won't require double layered optical discs to burn your films

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DVD95 is an open source application, developed for GNOME desktop environments, with which you will be able to pass any double layer DVD (DVD-9) to a standard DVD (DVD-5). This format has many advantages like, for example, the lower cost of the 4.7 GB discs in comparison with Dual Layer applications or to be able to use a conventional burner to burn the discs.

  Thus, thanks to this program we can easily create backups of the films that we have stored on double layer discs. For this purpose, it applies the method that is generally called “shrink”, in other words, it reduces the size of the contents that is going to be copied, by applying compression or eliminating some of the files.

  Once the process has taken place, we will obtain a copy of the DVD, be it in ISO format or file tree, depending on what we have indicated in the configuration options.

  If you are looking for a solution to copy DVD-9 discs, download DVD95 for free, an application that stands out due to its simple interface and the quality of the results that it offers.
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