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Dynamic Photo HDR enhances your photographs to unknown limits thanks to the HDR technique. Download Dynamic Photo HDR and enjoy high dynamic range photos

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The human being is capable of appreciating a higher dynamic range than any digital camera. While our eye can appreciate up to 24 steps or F-stops, the majority of cameras can only reach a range that varies from 6 to 9. Due to this, among other motives, when you look at the photographs of your trips they seem faded or with less detail than you remember.

Using the HDR technique with Photoshop isn't the only alternative to achieve really striking photographs. In fact, in the majority of cases, it is advisable to use an application that has been specifically developed for this purpose, like Dynamic Photo HDR to create HDR images, in a quick and simple way.

Thanks to Dynamic Photo HDR you will be capable of transforming the dull photographs into rich appealing images, full of shades, in which it will be possible to appreciate the details in both the lights as well as in the shades.

Improve the dynamic range of your photo exposure in 3 steps

  1. Step 1. Adds various images from a single scene taken with different exposition values (EV).
  2. Step 2. Creates the HDR file by merging the images.
  3. Step 3. Processes the information by means of the tone mapping technique. Pay special attention to the advice that you will receive about tone mapping: it is the main part of HDR!

Four processing modes

  • HDR Tone mapping. Create HDR images that you like, by adjusting a series of tone mapping values. This option allows the possibility to even process a single image in Pseudo HDR mode.
  • Fusion Blending. It doesn't create HDR files, but it allows you to create more realistic images from various JPEG images.
  • Complex HDR Fusion. It is a tool for advanced users that allows you to have greater control over the merging process as well as the tone mapping.
  • HDR Video. An experimental function that allows you to add the HDR effect to your videos.

Furthermore, Dynamic Photo HDR has support for panoramic 360º images, powerful functions to align the images manually or automatically, batch processing, real-time preview of the changes applied, the possibility to apply various effects (sepia, black and white,...), advanced color fixing by means of the Kelvin temperature control, etc.

If you want to find out what you can reach by applying the HDR technique to your photographs, you only have to download a software application like Dynamic Photo HDR and check the HDR tutorial in PDF that it includes to get the best results. Download Dynamic Photo HDR and quickly learn how to use the program thanks to the help files that it includes for that purpose.

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