e-Campaign is a program that allows you to send emails to a large amount of addressees. Download e-Campaign and easily send massive amounts of mail

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Internet marketing has many advantages, and even though social networks are gaining relevance, marketing campaigns by means of email always come in handy. e-Campaign allows you to create and send large amounts of emails to as many addresses as we want.

  With e-Campaign it is possible to create an attractive email design, using HTML or simply plain text in its complete WYSIWYG editor, that will even allow us to change the background or embed images in emails.

  When it comes to mailing, e-Campaign has an SMTP server included to carry out the mailing itself, even though it is capable of connecting with others and sending the emails externally. And if the amount of mail it has to send is extremely large, it can balance the load between several servers.

  Likewise, e-Campaign is capable of connecting to various databases, like Access, Excel, SQL Server or MySQL, to find out the email addresses it has to send the emails to.

  Even though it isn't good to fall into the use of SPAM (unwanted mail) with this kind of massive mailing, it is true that e-Campaign can come in very handy to send mass notifications in the case of large organizations.
Requirements and additional information:
The free test limits the amount of addressees to 50, and includes the tag "Trial Version" at the end of the mail. Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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Antony Peel
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