2018 Vol 1 With EagleMailer you can carry out the massive sending of emails with great ease. Carry out publicity campaigns by means of emails with EagleMailer
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If we think of the concept of mass email sending, we will probably associate it to negative connotations, due to the abuse that has been performed in the last few years of generalized sending of unwanted mail, what is commonly known as spam.

Great tool for email marketing

But, on some occasions, it can be very useful for any company to have a simple method to send information about a promotion or an invitation to all their clients that use a specific service, To do this, we have EagleMailer.

EagleMailer is a client specialized in the massive sending of emails with commercial or informative purposes. To do so, it has specific functions that you won't find in any general electronic mail client, like the possibility to create and save publicity campaigns, schedule the sending, keep track of the sent emails by means of graphs and statistics, manage the subscriptions and returned mail, etc.

Furthermore, you can customize the emails to be sent to each customer, send campaigns in text or HTML format, export to an Excel spreadsheet all the reports that have been generated, it has a preview mode that can be used before sending the mail,...

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can try out the application for 30 days.
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Antony Peel
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