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Ear & Memory Training is a tool that is essential for any music theory student. Download Ear & Memory Training and learn how to identify all the notes

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One of the most useful exercises for students of the first courses of sol-fa (music theory) and beginner musicians are musical dictations, because they can help to identify each note, develop the hearing and improve aural memory. If you want to improve your technique quietly in your house, and have a good time while you learn, we recommend Ear & Memory Training.Ear & Memory Training is an application that has been specifically designed to simplify the learning of musical notes, as well as musical memory. After a constant training with the application, the musician will be capable of identifying each note due to its sonority, without needing to use a note as a reference.

Modules available

  • Musical Dictation: In a very similar way to how dictations are done in a Music Conservatory, the application will play a melody. After you hear each note you will have to indicate which one it is, by clicking on the guitar neck, piano key, or selecting its name. With each correct answer, we will receive points that will allow us to keep on increasing the difficulty level.
  • Aural Memory: In this case, it uses a game that is similar to "Simon Says" to evaluate and improve the aural memory. You will have to reproduce the sequence of notes that you hear in the same order and without making mistakes.
Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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