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Earth's Core is a program with a large database about minerals and elements. Download Earth's Core and obtain information about gems, minerals and rocks

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If you're studying geology or you like science, you will surely know how to appreciate the large database included in Earth's Core. This software includes a photo, description and different information about a large number of elements and material that can be found all over the world.

A geological database

The software is focused both on people that want to look up data as well as on students because it contains an explanation about each material and another area in which to take notes. Among all the entries that we will be able to find, we will have around about 600 minerals, more than 300 gems, and precious stones and 200 kinds of rocks. As well as 900 technical words explained in a glossary and nearly 2,100 photos. A rather considerable amount of data.

To make it even more complete, Earth's Core also includes the biography of some of the most important scientists of this scientific field and the most relevant discoveries.

Likewise, we'll be able to check certain notes about the periodic table of elements, including possible relations or descriptions of the elements.

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Antony Peel
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