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Recover old day football with Eat the Whistle. It won't surprise you visually, but once you download Eat the Whistle free your entertainment will increase

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Eat the Whistle is a turn back to the football games of the 90's, with graphic in aerial side view, players that are all the same with archaic animations and a playability that is incredible. With little more than diagonal movements, passes and shots on goal, the truth is that this kinds of game will always be really addictive.

  Among the possibilities of Eat the Whistle we will find various competitions like leagues, cups or even International tournaments, the possibility to play online via TCP/IP, a star mode in which we will handle a single player, and even 30 different stadiums.

  Like many games have done, Eat the Whistle includes real teams but with the names modified, what's more, before each match we will be able to choose the tactics and positions to create a real variety of strategies.

  And as if this wasn't enough, it is possible to import matches from Sensible World of Soccer to Eat the Whistle, so that we will be able to continue all the competitions and customizations just we left off.

  To sum up, Eat the Whistle is a great game that will take us back to the 90's in which soccer arcade games were so popular with graphics just like these.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to give the file permissions and have an Internet connection to finish the installation.
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