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eBox is an easy-to-use server that is based on Ubuntu. Download eBox for free on your PC and carry out firewall and email server tasks from your computer

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eBox is the server that all small companies and even many household users have been waiting for, a program that is easy to install, that includes all the tools necessary and that allows us to monitor and configure everything from a simple and understandable interface.

  To be able to accomplish all this, eBox has been presented as a Linux distribution to be installed on a server. With it we will gain the stability of Ubuntu and the power of all the software and services included in eBox.

  We're talking about nothing more and nothing less than a complete firewall, a DHCP server, a DNS server, as well as webmail, HTTP proxy, web server (with virtual domain management), VoIP server and even its own Jabber/XMMP node. There is nothing missing in this excellent software that will make it easy to use and configure a small server.

  Many companies and users that have home networks will surely appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the vast amount of documentation that eBox includes to be able to configure each and every one of the tools that it incorporates. The truth is that this kind of development makes it easier to manage all kinds of systems, at the same time that they avoid wasting time finding and fixing errors
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