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With ECLiPt Roaster you have an efficient tool to burn CDs in the GNOME desktop environment. Download ECLiPt Roaster and configure your audio and data discs

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Creating and burning optical discs shouldn't be complicated. This must be what the creators of ECLiPt Roaster had in mind when they designed this Linux utility, aimed at users who like to keep it simple.

Simple and full of options

ECLiPt Roaster provides a graphic interface for mKisofs and CDRecord in the GNOME desktop environment, intended for those who need to burn data, audio and ISO images. This program is designed to make the user's task easier, offering multiple options for the efficient creation of backups.


  • Read audio and data.
  • Burn audio, data and ISO images.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • File auto-selection to complete CDs.
  • Configurate discs using drag and drop.
  • Automatic conversion of MP3 files to WAV format.
  • Multisession support.
  • Tool to create autorun CDs.
  • Possibility to burn file compilations projects.

If you need an easy-to-use tool with which you can record your audio or data CDs, download ECLiPt Roaster.

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