Control your personal accounts, keep track of your expenses and avoid the lack of control leaves you without any money, download Economix free of your PC

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As things are going, managing your personal money becomes more necessary than ever before. You have to be careful when it comes to investing your money, and Economix is ideal if you want to avoid finding that you have no money left in your pockets.

  Economix is a finance manager and administrator that can control all the financial movements that you carry out. When you use it you will be able to control all your personal expenses and access the statistics about your balance and your operations.

  It is possible to create different categories and groups to associate your expenses to them, keep control of the use of your credit and debit card, what you spend on general expenses like supermarkets, telephone, fuel, health insurance... Keep track of the money that you get out of ATMs or the balance of your personal or saving account.

  Any company needs to keep specific accounting if they intend to make a rational usage of their economic resources. Control all your accounts by downloading Economix free. It is very easy to handle and its use is beyond any doubt.
Yannick Callaud
6 months ago
6 months ago
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