eDonkey Acceleration Patch


eDonkey Aceleration Patch is a complement that accelerates the download via eDonkey. Download eDonkey Acceleration Patch and expand the functions of eDonkey

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eDonkey was the forerunner of one of the most legendary P2P programs: eMule. Many users still use this system to download files, but the appearance of other system like direct downloads have managed to displace the typical methods, decreasing the amount of sources from which to download contents, because the users have abandoned these systems.

  eDonkey Acceleration Patch will manage to give the speed and quality of the downloads a push, without needing any complicated configurations and hours of waiting. We only have to install this small complement, launch eDonkey from it, select our network interface controller and let it do its work on its own.

  This tool reactivates the stalled downloads, eliminates those that are invalid and search for new sources, so that we can download a lot quicker from eDonkey.

  Give eDonkey a bit more of life thanks to eDonkey Acceleration Patch.
Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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